1. Many vacation rental management companies charge a low percentage of bookings (15% to 20%), and then charge guests even more fees

They charge resort fees, booking fees, late check-out fees and early check-in fees!  Companies keep these fees and do not share with the unit owners. These fees drive down rental revenues – which means LESS MONEY goes to the unit owner. So while the owner thinks they are paying 15%, the vacation rental management company is actually making the equivalent of 30% to 40% of total revenues.

They also charge owners many fees
– GET & TAT filing fee
– bill payment fee (per bill/month)
– annual “spring cleaning” fee (on a vacation rental?)
– after hours site visit fee (after hours on a vacation rental?)
– “misc. item delivery fee” = $2.00 for a light bulb + $25 to deliver it!
– and many more!

At Alohana Realty LLC, we charge 25% + G.E. Tax on bookings on short term vacation rentals (20% + G.E. Tax on properties with minimum 30 day rental rules)- and nothing more. If we don’t book the unit, we don’t get paid. PERIOD. Owners don’t pay us to keep their units vacant. Owners trust us with their properties because we produce!

2. We Keep Your Vacation Rental Well-Maintained

Broken / damaged items need to be repaired / replaced promptly – or reviews & rental income will suffer. We are constantly working to maintain units in their optimal condition.

3. Detailed Reporting

With our vacation rental software, we generate detailed monthly reports – and send to owners / bookkeepers / CPA’s with all receipts / expenses detailed. We currently send monthly owner reports in English, Chinese & Japanese.

4. Multi-lingual Bookings, Guest Support and Owner reports

We currently handle all aspects of bookings/support/owner reporting in English & Japanese..

5. More Sites

We utilize more vacation rental booking sites than our competitors – units we manage will appear on our site, vrbo.com, homeaway.com, airbnb.com, flipkey.com, tripadvisor.com, and so many more sites.

6. Full Service

– We take care of everything so you don’t have to.
– We file & pay G.E.T & T.A.T. – no extra fee.
– We maintain the unit – no extra fee.
– We hire plumbers, contractors – no extra fee.
– Light bulb burnt out? – we charge the owner ONLY for the light bulb – no extra fee.
– Sofa sleeper needs to be replaced? – we charge the owner ONLY for the sofa – no extra fee.

7. Reviews

We have over 1,500 reviews on airbnb & vrbo.

8. Owners Come First

We have ZERO black out dates. If an owner wants to stay in their unit during high season – they can – and we charge them NOTHING.

9. Our Mission

With no minimum fees, no mark-ups, no service charges, we don’t make money unless YOU make money. We are motivated to keep your vacation rental rented, at the highest rate possible, for as long as possible. With our commission-only property managers and booking agents, our entire company is focused on our mission – maximizing owner revenues, and guest satisfaction.

W H Y  C H O O S E  U S ?

– We maximize occupancy – averaging over 90% in many cases – so owner revenues increase.
– No fees to guests or owners – so owner revenues increase.
– Well maintained units rent for higher rates – so owner revenues increase.
– Detailed reporting in the owner’s language – so the owner knows what is happening.
– Multi-lingual bookings – serving a broader market – so owner revenues increase.
– More sites – so owner revenues increase.
– No extra fees – so owner revenues increase.
– Owner’s come first – zero black out dates for owner stays.
– We love what we do – and it shows.

Your vacation rental property is an investment. Let us help you make the most of it.

Please contact me with questions, or to add your property to our growing portfolio of highly productive investment properties.


Kevin D. Taylor (PB) 

Alohana Realty LLC
1888 Kalakaua Ave. Suite C312 Honolulu, HI 96815
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