"E Komo Mai" Welcome to Hawaii

Vacation Rental / Property Management . We manage vacation rentals, short and long-term rentals, 2nd homes as well as commercial properties.

Second Home management

We provide second home property management from condominiums to single-family houses. We perform routine inspections to make sure your property stays in optimal condition. Additionally, we provide bill payment services using our client trust account to pay bills such as your maintenance fees, property taxes and other vendors based on owner needs. We furnish a detailed cash flow statement every month.

Long Term Rental Property Management

Whether a studio, apartment building, large estate or something in between, our goal is to maximize owners' income.

Remodeling, Renovation & New Construction

At Alohana Realty LLC, we take pride in extending you a high standard of excellence in all of our interior remodeling projects. Our success reflects our experience in providing continual care and commitment to you and your property as shown throughout each step the remodeling process. We believe that the value of a property is not just measured by the fair market value, but by the quality involved in the creation of beauty through use of materials and implementation of style and design. Our designs and proven techniques are cost effective; we take careful measures in order to accommodate you with the lowest available rates for services and materials.